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Benefits of using microfertilizers CMDPN «Malham»

Corrector of micronutrient deficiencies in plant nutrition «Malham» is produced in a liquid form intended for the processing of agricultural crops.

The CMDPN «Malham» contains a bouquet of macro and microelements, which includes glycerin, silicium, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, ferrum. Chelated with glycerol and carboxylate ligands, is intended for foliar top dressing of crops.

Such a composition of micro fertilizers CMDPN «Malham», as well as a unique supplement "PAV" help the plant to maximize its biological potential.

"PAV" is a new generation product, based on amino acids and fatty acids: N-acylamidocarbonates. Amino acids and fatty acids are not just natural compounds: they are part of the cells of all living organisms. In this regard, amino acid PAV are safe for humans and have extremely high rates of biotransformation.

When they get into drain water, they are easily split to the original elements and become a harmless food for microorganisms. This is an adjuvant with a fundamentally new mechanism for the transport of food elements. "PAV" is a unique surface-active agent for application in sheet feeding technologies.

"PAV" - keeps on the leaves surface elements of food for 28-30 days.

"PAV" - pushes the intercellular space and draws nutrients into the metabolic system of the plant.

"PAV" - for a long time provides a slow and continuous flow of nutrients into the plant.

"PAV" - does not destroy the plant tissue.

"PAV" - is not toxic to the environment.

CMDPN «Malham» is used both independently and jointly with plant protection products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) and macro fertilizers.

With the use of  CMDPN «Malham», the pesticide load on plants is reduced.

CMDPN «Malham» - allows to compensate irrecoverable losses of microelements taken out from soil by plants, to increase coldness and drought resistance of plants.

CMDPN «Malham» - is a guaranteed increase in the yield of all crops, as well as improving the quality and presentation of the final products.

CMDPN «Malham» - increases the efficiency of the application of basic macro fertilizers - nitrogen, phosphorus, potash.

CMDPN «Malham» - It is a new generation of organic fertilizer. Phosphorus, nitrogen and feed poly elements and glycerin, contained in micro fertilizersact as chelating agents. Thanks to this, microelements in the productare in the state in which they are in the plant in a natural form. Therefore, plants quickly and without any loss absorb nutrients. In this case, unlike products with synthetic chelating agents, no toxic substances are formed.

CMDPN «Malham» also contains polysaccharides, flavonoids, vitamins and other biologically active substances.

The complex amino acids contained in the CMDPN «Malham» stimulate the metabolism of plants, directly participating in the biosynthesis of proteins and enzymes, which supports the water balance of cells and stimulates the process of photosynthesis.

CMDPN «Malham» - can be successfully applied for fertigation.